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Midlands based

  • We are based in Cannock, Staffordshire
  • Close to the M6, M6 toll, M5 and M54, we are conveniently placed to serve England and Wales
  • However, we have also worked in Scotland, Ireland, the Shetland, Orkney and Channel Islands


  • Ultralogic is not affiliated to or compelled to sell or recommend any particular proprietary equipment or products
  • Our aim is to look at each client's requirements individually and select the most appropriate solution for their needs
  • We will offer alternatives, if suitable, and give advice where required
  • We believe in helping businesses make an informed decision with all the relevant facts at their disposal

Well established

  • The company was formed in Cannock, Staffordshire in 1994 and was originally run from home
  • Some of our clients have been doing business with us since we commenced trading at the beginning of 1995
  • Ultralogic is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce - Chase division of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Blue chip clients

  • Since our inception, we have worked for and alongside a number of large local and national companies
  • In some cases, Ultralogic has provided people to supplement the resources of an existing or newly formed team to provide a specific service or product
  • In other circumstances, we have resourced a team entirely from our own staff, or working with associate individuals or companies

Small enterprises

  • We understand what it can be like working in a small or medium sized business
  • Ultralogic will manage a project from beginning to end, if required, and act as a liaison with any other suppliers who may be involved at any stage
  • If a company does not have any employees with the necessary computer systems experience, our staff will ensure that the client will not be disadvantaged and will supplement any resources that may be required

Broad industry coverage

  • Between us, we have worked in and with businesses in manufacturing, distribution and retail - plus have experience of working with local councils, housing associations and non-profit making organisations
  • We have implemented systems and change in a variety of industries including food, clothing, utilities, heavy engineering and building materials
  • Our staff have specific knowledge of the construction and manufacturing industries and our most recent projects include those for a ready-mixed concrete company, an aggregates business and a decorator's merchant / retailer

Experienced consultants

  • The 2 directors (John Driscoll and Anne King) have both been involved in business and industry since the late 1970s
  • Our senior consultant (Mark Pountney) is an experienced business, systems and technical professional with a track record of providing business and IT solutions for over 16 years
  • All our full-time employees have honours degrees and continue to supplement their practical experience by keeping up to date with the latest technological developments, as well as current trends in management thinking

Flexible working methods

  • Ultralogic will adapt to a client's needs, location and working hours when doing business
  • We will quote for either fixed price or time and materials projects - depending on the budgetary constraints of an organisation
  • We are happy to work on site within the normal working hours of that site or welcome customers to our offices for meetings, demonstrations etc.
  • Our staff are familiar with the pressures of deadlines and will fit in with the peaks and troughs of activity in a normal working environment
Anne King
John Driscoll
Mark Pountney

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