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Tailored package is a hit with Midland firms
29 November 2004

  A bespoke computer system designed by a Staffordshire firm has proven to be a hit with companies across the region.

Based in Essington, business consultancy firm Ultralogic Solutions developed a package that can be tailored to suit a host of organisations.
Designed to improve levels of communication and efficiency, the package can assist with a variety of business needs, including stock-keeping, recording sales and tracking purchases, depending on individual requirements.

Director John Driscoll called upon 15 years of experience to develop the system.
I have been installing bespoke computer systems for many years, John said. "This particular package represents the amalgamation of what has worked well in other companies, so in a sense, it has grown organically."
Ultralogic's focus on customer service is crucial to the success of their systems: "Our primary goal is to be accessible," John said. "We are always available to provide support, so our clients never feel cut off.
As a provider of bespoke packages, it is vital that we work alongside our clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Currently, we are particularly successful in the construction industry, although we can supply solutions for a broad range of companies."

Gerry Murphy of Parkstone Aggregates said that the system has ideally suited his company's needs.
"As an aggregate merchant, we buy and sell over 200 resources to more than 400 customers and thanks to the speed of the system, we can keep on top of invoices and orders, which has improved our efficiency 100 per cent", he said.
Gerry praised the effect that the system had upon the firm's communications, saying, "As a member of a large group of companies, we previously had a few problems relaying information, but since the package was installed our queries have reduced significantly."
He also commended Ultralogic's aftercare: "They are always on hand. If I ever need any advice, I call and then it is dealt with straight away."

John Driscoll said that despite the system's growing reputation, Ultralogic will remain focussed on quality, rather than profit: "We aren't looking to have the package installed in every company in the Midlands, but rather continue to develop and improve it to ensure the best possible service."

Innovative web service announced
August 2004

  Anne King announcing web auditing facilityA business support firm has announced plans for a website auditing service, assisting Midlands companies to create the right impression on potential customers.
Anne King, director of Staffordshire-based Ultralogic Solutions, feels that many firms will benefit from the auditing facility.
"While surfing the internet, I often find sites with faulty links to other companies, spelling mistakes and out of date material," Anne said.
"This can make a company look unprofessional, which can have a detrimental effect on potential customers."
Anne points to a lack of maintenance as the major reason for poor internet communications: "Sites look fine initially, but often people can't find the time to update, which can have an adverse effect.
"So we have proposed an auditing provision, whereby we arrange times with our customers to periodically check their website, ensuring that information is clear and up to date.
"And we can do this for less than 10 a month."
By branching out into web auditing, Ultralogic Solutions intends to extend their commitment to quality.
Anne feels that web firms have been too focussed on "getting sites on to search engines," overlooking the importance of well presented and accessible information.
"Initially, we intend to ensure that the websites that we maintain are factually correct and portray the correct details.
"But we will look to ensure that the service evolves, starting off simply and moving into more complex fields."
The auditing facility is expected to begin operation later this year and comes as a natural progression to Ultralogic. The firm has enjoyed much success during 10 years of managing businesses systems and procedures, from manual processes to computer technology.

Birthday celebration is murder
May 2004

  Anne King surrounded by suspicious charactersUltralogic Solutions, a business support systems company based at Hilton Hall in Essington, celebrated their 10th birthday by holding a Murder Mystery evening at Hoar Cross Hall in Yoxall, Staffordshire, on April 27.
Director John Driscoll said: "We are delighted that so many of our clients and friends could join us in what must be one of the Midlands' most stylish venues. Having talked with our guests during the evening, I can definitely say that the occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by all."
The evening celebrated the formation of the company in April 1994 as well as thanking customers and supporters. Many of the customers there have been with Ultralogic Solutions throughout its 10 years.
Guests solved a 'crime of passion' acted out by players from Corporate Entertainments, as well as penning limericks based on the night's proceedings.
Prizes were awarded for best and worst detective work and poetry.
The evening also raised 160 for the British Heart Foundation.
Mr Driscoll said that Ultralogic Solutions had grown from supporting one or two clients to providing a much broader portfolio of services to a wide range of organisations and industries.
The company has adapted to changing times by acquiring new skills - for example, in the areas of technology, finance and administration - and also by keeping existing skills up to date.
"This has enabled us to pass our knowledge and experience on to our clients and ensure that they don't stand still as the economic pace increases," he said.
"We look forward to continuing to provide sound advice and practical help as Ultralogic embarks on its second decade", Mr Driscoll added.

Businesses ultra-impressed at Ultralogic
October 2003

  John Driscoll with people from GRSCustomers enjoyed a guided tour of a stately home turned business centre and a taste of a new online guide to cutting through red tape at a Midlands business support company's open day.
Essington-based Ultralogic Solutions welcomed around 30 clients to the event at Hilton Hall which also included a contest and raffle, with the winners being awarded champagne.
Wolverhampton decorating supplies firm SJ Dixon, Gailey-based web design agency Way of the Void and Cannock-based accountants Rice & Co. were among companies represented at the event.
Directors John Driscoll and Anne King also took the opportunity to launch their new website
Director Anne King said: "We hold an open day each year and it is great to get positive feedback from clients. This year we wanted to launch our new website.
Our revamped website will include a news section and a featured company of the month.
The beauty of the internet is that we can tailor information and update this as quickly as we need it."

Ultra-useful guide
25 September 2003

  John Driscoll and Anne King demonstrating the websiteA Midlands business support company is launching an online guide to cutting through red tape.
The website is the brainchild of Essington-based Ultralogic and is designed to help new and established businesses find their way through the maze of ever-changing rules and regulations.
Information on technology, tax, accounting and health and safety will be included in the resource at www.ultralogic.co.uk
Director Anne King said: "There are so many issues that are constantly evolving that are of direct relevance to businesses. We wanted to provide our customers with a one-stop service to keep them updated.
Smaller companies may not have time to devote to this and that is where we can help."
The site has been designed by Rob Farrell from Way of the Void, which is based in Gailey.
Anne said: "We have welcomed Rob's expertise on this and have been grateful for his input on driving the website forward."
The new-look site will be unveiled at Ultralogic's Open Day on October 2 at their offices at Hilton Hall. Around 50 companies have been invited to the event which will also feature a guided tour of the grounds surrounding the stately home turned business centre.

Ultralogic has designs on success
September 2003

  John Driscoll and Yvonne Pilsbury from S. J. Dixon and Sons after implementation of the firms e-commerce systemWork to implement a major Wolverhampton firm's e-commerce interface is under way - by a team of experts who first advised on its systems nearly 10 years ago.
SJ Dixon, of Cleveland Road first called on Ultralogic Solutions back in 1994. The well established decorating supplies firm needed someone with the right technical and business expertise, plus a good knowledge of how their particular systems worked.
And the relationship has blossomed ever since.
Essington-based Ultralogic Solutions' director, John Driscoll said: "Over the years we have been involved in everything from programming to systems design to networking, and we were lucky enough to be awarded a contract to supply and install a second Alpha server when the company split its operations onto two sites a couple of years ago.
"Recently we have been working together to implement an e-commerce (web) interface to their main order processing system, and also preparing the company to migrate their accounting systems to a new software package.
"The highlight is being regarded almost as part of Dixon's in-house team. This has enabled me to be involved with many aspects of their systems strategy, which is very rewarding when it all comes together to produce benefits for the company."
And, says John, the secret of the longstanding relationship has been down to a professional approach both from Ultralogic Solutions and SJ Dixon, together with an implicit understanding of the other's needs when modifying or enhancing systems.
"This means fewer opportunities for misunderstandings, and thus better-fit solutions to their requirements," he said.
"The major benefit for SJ Dixon of working with Ultralogic Solutions has been the fact that they can call on me whenever they need me, without having to go into the market place to find the necessary skills," said John.
He added: "Also, they know that when I do a job for them, it will be done efficiently and as quickly as possible.
"There have many times when the projects we have worked on together have yielded benefits for SJ Dixon. Some of the more obvious ones are: streamlining the picking process in the warehouse by tracking each item on an order whilst it is being picked; adding barcode scanning facilities to the packing and dispatch desks so that they no longer need to type in any codes or numbers; routing dispatch notes to printers in the most appropriate warehouse for the efficient processing of those orders.
"As one of our longest standing customers, SJ Dixon have not been afraid to continually evolve their systems, which in turn has provided me with many interesting tasks, and in my profession that is very refreshing."
Yvonne Pilsbury, SJ Dixon's systems manager, said: "I have been happy to work with Ultralogic for many years and believe that this has lasted because of the professional attitude of John.
"His knowledge of business and his understanding of the needs of a working company play a great part in our on going system developments. John has proved many times his depth of knowledge on IT systems ranging from the older methods to the very latest in technology."

Ultralogic finds the answers
June 2003

  Anne King presents winner of the fleece Rob Farrell of Staffordshire-based Way of the Void web designersEssington-based Ultralogic Solutions analysed information supplied by clients at an open day to help shape future activities.
Around 25 customers filled in a questionnaire at an open day at the company's offices in Hilton Hall - which also gave them the chance to win an Ultralogic branded fleece.
Director Anne King explained they were asked to identify which functions Ultralogic can perform - with answers ranging from business analysis, software development, project management and practical help.
The only task listed which the company does not do is organise treasure hunts - something Anne and fellow director John Driscoll enjoy doing in their spare time.
Anne said: "The questionnaire was a very worthwhile exercise as it allowed us to measure what our customers thought we did - and act upon it.
"We will certainly organise another poll for when we hold our next open day, which we hope will be in the autumn."
The winner of the fleece was Rob Farrell of Staffordshire-based Way of the Void web designers.

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