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Independent advice

  • Staff at Ultralogic listen to client's problems first
  • We like to understand how a business operates
  • Only then do we offer solutions and suggest any changes that may be needed
  • We do not tie ourselves in to any particular suppliers - so that we can give the unbiased help to those who need it

Business analysis

  • One of our goals is to fully appreciate a particular process or operation before we arrive at possible alternatives
  • We will gather information about an organisation and talk to your people to find out how you work
  • We can see your processes from the point of view of an unbiased outsider
  • This enables us at Ultralogic to form an impression of what you do best - and where we can help you improve

Software development

  • Our experience in computer systems enables us to be able to write applications for your existing or new systems
  • We can develop interfaces between software systems that you already have
  • If you have specific requirements that are individual to your business, we will develop programs that meet your specialist need
  • Ultralogic can write individual or a suite of management information reports to enable you to translate the information you hold into a format that is useful to everyone
  • Output can be directed to spreadsheets (e.g. as a graph or table); a database; or a screen-based display

System management

  • We are capable of managing your computer and technical systems on a daily or regular basis
  • Our advice includes how to manage your security and data protection issues
  • We can help in keeping you up to date with the latest technology and maintaining your existing hardware
  • If you need advice in contingency planning for your operations, we will assist you in developing or updating your procedures in this area

Training and education

  • We can design and run training courses in a variety of business areas
    Ultralogic can run one-to-one or formal training sessions for an organisation
  • We specialise in computer applications such as Sage Line 50 and Microsoft Office
  • According to your requirements, we can offer education in financial systems for computer users, as well as finance for non-finance people
  • We can help bring new staff up to speed quickly, as well as staff who need to learn new skills
  • If required, we will design a course so that you can educate your own people yourselves

Database design

  • Using SQL or Microsoft Access, we can build new or amend existing database designs to match the changing needs of your company information
  • Databases which have been created using other systems may also be changed where a development environment is present
  • Ultralogic staff will help your own people construct a database or will undertake the task for you
  • We can help you understand how to design databases so that they can grow as your company expands or changes direction (e.g. enters new markets or launches new products or services)

E-commerce deployment

  • We will conduct a feasibility study to help you assess whether trading electronically is cost-effective for your organisation
  • When you are ready to communicate with your suppliers and/or customers using electronic means, we can prepare a plan for you
  • Our knowledge of EDI (electronic data interchange) and internet communication methods enables us to assist in your plans to streamline your operations

Project management

  • Whether your project involves computer systems or not, we can define, monitor and implement your plan for you
  • Our experience of small and large scale projects, working with teams of over 60 people can remove the administrative burden from your staff
  • We can also run and implement self-contained projects that leave you to carry on your own business without interruptions

Business change

  • Ultralogic thrives in a changing environment and we can help your business adapt in the twenty-first century
  • Organisations that want to change their working methods or those that have to change due to pressure from suppliers, customers or the external environment can call upon us to facilitate such change
  • We aim to minimise the disruption caused to your business and will listen to your priorities before advising on the best route to achieve your goals
  • Where necessary, we will make suggestions and advise on best practice - always working within your defined parameters

Balanced scorecard

  • All profit-seeking organisations must monitor their financial position continuously and plan for the future
  • At Ultralogic, we can help re-focus your strategy by implementing other measures that contribute to your customer satisfaction
  • An awareness of how to assess your business internally by creating more added value and improving quality are just two of the aspects that make up a balanced scorecard
  • We can suggest specific measures that may help your management team picture your business in a new light

Tailored solutions

  • Many organisations work in specialist industries or have processes and procedures that are unique to their business
  • Where off-the-shelf solutions are not a good fit to your business or are impractical to implement, Ultralogic can design, develop and implement a solution that matches your business needs
  • We will work with you and your people to ensure that any system integrates into your existing methods of working - you do not have to change merely to accommodate a packaged solution

Integrated applications

  • If you have a number of computer software applications that don't talk to each other, we can integrate them for you
  • Stand alone PCs can be added to a new or existing network, enabling word processing documents or spreadsheets to be shared by a number of people
  • Larger systems such as accounting and payroll or ordering applications can be linked, saving time in duplicate entry of the same information
  • Ultralogic can also help in integrating new systems and rationalising your existing applications for increased efficiency

Establishment of processes

  • Our staff can appraise your current manual and automated procedures and suggest how to streamline your supporting administration
  • We can work alongside you to introduce new and revised procedures and document them for ease of use and understanding
  • Where an existing quality system is in place, we can perform an independent check of your procedures, prior to your regular appraisals and can assist in updating them where needed
  • We will also check the validity of your procedures and ensure they are consistent with your strategy, processes and methods of working
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